"Education is learning to use the tools which the race has found indispensable."  -  Ernest Carroll Moore 

At a Glance ...

The primary goal of TAKEaTEST.net is to enable your organization to conduct the following types of tests:

  • Skills tests
  • Academic tests
  • Product quality tests
  • Applicant pre-qualifications
  • Satisfaction or opinion surveys
  • Patient screenings and diagnostic tests

Please click here to see an overview of our current test styles.

In addition, TAKEaTEST.net offers the following features:

  • Option to have a different score for each question
  • Ability to group questions into different categories
  • An effective / expiration date range for each test
  • Determination of score results both in total points and percentages
  • Email notification to the test administrator at the completion of each test
  • Ability to assign a subset of all available tests to each test taker
  • Summary of all historical test results for each test taker

TAKEaTEST.net engine was built from the ground up using the .NET Technologies.  From ASP.NET Master Pages to CSS Style Sheets, with a back-end database using SQL Server, it is a state-of-the-art product for a diverse variety of applications.

Once you have verified the power and flexibilities of TAKEaTEST.Net, we will gladly provide your organization with a source-code license for the entire system so that you can have it set up on your own intranet and managed and supported by you own IT staff.


If you're planning to become an Administrator, click here to review the Administrator Guidelines.  We also recommend that you print these guidelines and save them for future reference.


If you're new to test taking on this site, click here to review the Test Taker Guidelines before you start the test drive.  We also recommend that you print these guidelines and save them for future reference.


If you would like to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation on TAKEaTEST.net, which was presented at the Southern California Code Camp, please click here.

Try It for Yourself

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Contact Us

  • General Information: Info@Pointercorp.com
  • Test Administrator:  Takeatest@Pointercorp.com

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